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How Technology Nurtures the Minds of Our Children

What toys did you play with when you were a child? A few decades ago, kids were completely happy with having action figures or dolls. But these days, they have more avenues of expression. Toys are still the main attraction, but so are computers, tablets, and smartphones. The said gadgets have also become go-to educational

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How Smart Homes Made Traveling Easier More Enjoyable

Whenever we sleep at night or leave for work, the first thing we tend to think about is the door. Did we lock it? If we’re unsure, we’d have no choice but to go back and check. We also think about our lights, appliances, and valuables. Our daily worries almost always revolve around those, making

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working at home

Getting Ready for Home-based Work

Remote work or working at home is becoming a growing trend worldwide. The flexibility it offers is its most significant appeal, especially to young professionals. But, gaining success as a remote worker is not that easy. There are essential things that you need to consider. Are you thinking of making the shift from office to

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5 Types of Digital Marketing to Build Your Own Brand

E-commerce has taken the Internet by storm, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs to build their own brand without trudging down the streets handing out flyers or spending a huge sum of money on newspaper or television ads. However, starting your own business from scratch is no walk in the park, even with the aid of technology.

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Three Reasons for a Social Media Detox during Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to cut yourself off from the world — work, forced socialization, responsibilities — and focus on yourself and the people who matter the most. Except you don’t cut yourself off from the world. On your first vacation day, you feel the urge to open your phone and tune in

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