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Creatively Obtaining 100% Customer Feedback Rates for Your Business

Gathering and analyzing customer feedback plays an important role in improving a product or service. But getting feedback can be tricky for many businesses. Customers come from different locations, and collecting information from them can be a challenge. What’s more, customers have busy schedules, and providing feedback about your brand is not their priority. Analyzing

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Future Technology That Can Invade Your Home Soon

As a species, we’ve certainly have come far. And by some stroke of luck that science is trying to decipher, our paths had diverged from the chimps about 4 million years ago. Perhaps, the chimpanzee’s uncanny ability to create useful tools to aid in his daily survival, such as those for foraging ants, is a

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VPNs Aren’t Just Gimmicks. You Need Them.

A VPN or a virtual private network is an important must-have. A VPN serves as a tunnel between your device and internet connection. It hides and secures your internet activity and private information that can otherwise be tracked and analyzed by internet service providers, the government, and other organizations. VPNs can also protect you from

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Business Vehicle Maintenance: 3 Ways to Keep Costs Down

Whatever the kind of business you run, whether it’s a restaurant, a retail store, or a courier service, you know you can’t get anything done without the use of a business car or truck. How else are you going to transport goods and make your deliveries? Having a business car affords you flexibility and convenience,

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The Unexpected Consequences of Technology and Progress

Science and business have always worked together, but they could sometimes present humanity with unexpected challenges. Technology, especially since the Industrial Revolution, has been a part of any growing and progressive economy. It has made our world into what it is today, but it has also presented humanity with problems that we are still trying

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How Technology Nurtures the Minds of Our Children

What toys did you play with when you were a child? A few decades ago, kids were completely happy with having action figures or dolls. But these days, they have more avenues of expression. Toys are still the main attraction, but so are computers, tablets, and smartphones. The said gadgets have also become go-to educational

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How Smart Homes Made Traveling Easier More Enjoyable

Whenever we sleep at night or leave for work, the first thing we tend to think about is the door. Did we lock it? If we’re unsure, we’d have no choice but to go back and check. We also think about our lights, appliances, and valuables. Our daily worries almost always revolve around those, making

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