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5 Home Repairs That Every Homeowner Should Do Before Fall and Winter

Although fall and winter months mean fun decorations or delicious foods, it also means colder nights and freezing temperatures. In the industrial or commercial setup, it’s easy to stock up on cartridge heaters to ensure unhampered operations during wintertime. At home, besides decorating your home for the holiday season, you also need to consider more essential

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How to Enhance Hotel Interiors Through Small Design Upgrades

Promoting a hotel is quite challenging, especially if you are just starting to raise awareness for your brand. Attracting customers will be difficult, especially if your building is located near competitors. You need to stand out and encourage people to check out your brand. To minimize the challenge of attracting customers, you should work hard

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Video Marketing: Essential Trends to Watch Out For

The rise of “stories” and the way social media users consume content have contributed to making video a critical component of marketing. It pays to be aware of the top video marketing trends. According to Smart Insights, 83 percent of marketers believe that video is more important than ever before, and this signals the beginning

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Old-school Advertising Techniques in the Digital Age

In the age of the Internet and social media, companies often prioritize online advertising rather than traditional methods. But even in the age of digital media, traditional advertising and promotions remain effective. Freebies and Merchandise Branding is extremely important in any business. While you would normally pay people to advertise your brand, sometimes people would

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Guide to Planning a Surprise Birthday Bash

Some of us are all for grand gestures when expressing our adoration for our best friend, significant other, or family, so we just can’t help but plan a surprise for them every time their birthday comes. If we do this consistently, we may be already becoming predictable, but the key is to plan something different

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Smart Things to Do with Your Extra Money

Most days, we walk around this world with financial burdens to carry. The fact that there’s only 1% of the population who is truly rich means that you are not alone with your financial woes. Everyone is just working to survive or prepare for a retirement that doesn’t mean laboring until we’re 70 years old.

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How Landscaping Can Benefit People and the Environment

A perfectly landscaped property can be a place of peace and solitude. A manicured landscape also boosts the curb appeal of a property, which in turn affects its value. Landscape design and management are not just about planting things in a garden, though. It also involves proper maintenance and attention to how garden spaces co-exist

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