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How Businesses are Adapting to the Threats of the Novel Coronavirus

With the current global health crisis, businesses have been shut down temporarily until the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has passed. We have seen thousands of plants, factories, brick-and-mortar shops, and restaurants worldwide cease operations over the past couple of weeks as a safety precaution. The threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting not

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4 Professional Equipment Needed to Coach Baseball

Experience, knowledge, and passion — these three are probably the most important traits needed by an aspiring baseball coach. It’s not enough to only know the tips and tricks of the game. They need to know how to communicate and teach these to their team. It’s not only in the realm of baseball. In general,

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Video Marketing: Essential Trends to Watch Out For

The rise of “stories” and the way social media users consume content have contributed to making video a critical component of marketing. It pays to be aware of the top video marketing trends. According to Smart Insights, 83 percent of marketers believe that video is more important than ever before, and this signals the beginning

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Old-school Advertising Techniques in the Digital Age

In the age of the Internet and social media, companies often prioritize online advertising rather than traditional methods. But even in the age of digital media, traditional advertising and promotions remain effective. Freebies and Merchandise Branding is extremely important in any business. While you would normally pay people to advertise your brand, sometimes people would

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Smell Like Success: Start Your Own Perfume Business Now

Thinking of a business idea can be tough. You need to know which industry is booming, and what precisely can give you a boost in your earnings. Additionally, you need to guarantee that it can sustain, not something that will be over as soon as it comes. If you still don’t have an idea, hear this

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