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Small Online Businesses You Can Start in 2022

2022 is foreseen to be the year of business startups mainly due to three reasons: With the world slowly but continuously recovering from the impacts of the pandemic, the overall capital you’d need is relatively lower compared to the amount you’d have to spend during the foreseeable inflation coming after 2023. According to a Nielsen

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How to Create a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy for a Small Business

A lot of small business owners are struggling to grow their markets. They are trying to stay relevant in the digital age without investing in digital marketing. However, this can be a huge mistake because it’s not just about having a presence online but also about ensuring that people find your business there. Moreover, most

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Different Business Applications to Improve Efficiency

Many companies have already started automating their processes. And they do this by using various business application software, which improves productivity and employee efficiency. According to data, about 30% of automated technology companies aim to save more time, and about 25% want accurate data analysis. Through automated procedures, employees can invest their time in other

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Amazing Techy Gift Ideas That Will Delight Your Employees

There’s no denying that 2021 has been a peculiar year, and as the Christmas shopping season approaches, our choices for what to gift your employees aren’t what they’ve been in previous years. Working from home should not prevent you from expressing your gratitude to your employees throughout the Christmas season. Sending presents to coworkers is

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5 Brain-damaging Habits That Can Lead to Dementia

Dementia changes the brain structurally and chemically. Structurally, the cells in the brain die, and the tissues are lost, leading to the brain’s shrunken size. Chemically, the electrical signals between the brain’s cells get weak and wear down. These changes in the brain make a person lose their ability to function normally as any other healthy

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