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Using Google to Increase Your Brand Exposure

Welcome to the Age of Google, where everything is controlled and provided by some facet of Google. Odds are, you found this article through Google. You probably use Google Docs, Gmail, or some other Google product just to live your daily life. So when you’re starting a business, a website, or both, it goes without saying that Google is probably going to be your new best friend.

Google’s search engine is the first of its kind, and its ability to connect people with a specific search need to accurate results is uncanny. Google’s complex algorithms are well beyond the scope of this article, but can be loosely explained. Their search engine results are based on algorithms, using keywords, to connect a search word to a specific link. The more that keyword is used in connection to a certain link, the higher up in Google’s search pages that link appears. This is called “search engine optimization.”

Google and SEO

search-engine-optimization-687236_1920One of the first steps, after creating a basic website or online presence via social media or sites like Angie’s List, is to evaluate how much traffic you want to generate. You may also need to consider how much revenue you want to generate from your website or online presence. To increase your traffic, you’re going to need to “advertise” your website on search engines like Google. To do this, you can use something called Google Analytics to decide what keywords you need to use in your site, and you can place an ad on Google Ads that will get you visibility on the side bar on Google’s search pages. Google Analytics can also tell you how many views you get from other sources, like social media or links from other sites, and you can optimize your reach in that way.

Technical Google

Of course, SEO can be fairly complicated, but the basics are as follows: use Google Analytics to perform a basic rundown of keywords, insert keywords into your content, and publish content. Fairly simple, right? There is one more aspect that many website owners forget to do, though: sitemapping. Sitemaps are basically text documents that you “feed” to Google that allows them to clearly link keywords to your website, and also increases the algorithm’s use of your link and keywords, which drives more traffic. Without a sitemap, your SEO may not be nearly as effective.

Paid Ads

Google+AdwordsOne of the ways many people advertise online is by placing a text ad with Google Ads. When you search for specific keywords in your Google search, you often see text blocks off to the right of your search results, right? These are ads, and when you click on them, it takes you directly to the website. For the website owner, your click may cost them a couple of cents, or maybe more than that, depending on their traffic. This drives traffic to these websites, though, because people who are looking for a service are going to find the quickest route to actually getting what they want. By providing your company name right on Google’s search page, you’re increasing the odds that you’ll find more traffic and make more sales.

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