1. Do I really need to advertise?

 Of course, advertising is an individual choice, and the type of advertising you do is entirely dependent on what services or products you provide, and what your budget is. However, it’s nearly impossible to grow a business without advertising, as it’s impossible for potential customers to know where you are, what you offer, or what you make. Even if it’s as simple as creating a website, or putting an ad in the newspaper, getting your brand out there even a little will exponentially increase the odds that your business will stay afloat. What do you have to lose?

  1. What is SEO?

 SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is the process by which you use Google or other search engines to make sure people can access your information. When someone types in “kids clothing store Austin,” and you’ve set up your website to include those keywords, people will automatically find your website in the search results. Sometimes, keywords are more specific, and a basic analysis can show you which words are used most frequently and with the most traffic resulting from using them. It can be fairly complex after this point, which is why many people use an advertising agency to help.

  1. Why do you recommend using TV, print, and radio ads?

 While we are definitely moving towards an entirely digital world, there are still people out there that prefer “the good old days,” where you found your advertisements in the paper, or heard them on the radio. While the majority of income may stem from your online presence, it’s possible to increase your market by simply mailing flyers to people, or putting your voice on the radio. If people are looking for your service, or your advertisement is appealing enough, you’ll attract their attention and possibly make a sale.

  1. What is the single best method to advertising?

 Once again, this is not a simple question because it depends on you, your business, your budget, and your product, service, or message. For example, if you’re selling art, it doesn’t make much sense to take out a radio ad. It makes sense to share your images online, and promote them according to their visual appeal. However, the one advertising method that always works is: novelty. Make it fun, make it different, and make it work for you. This can be in any medium, in any place, and with any budget. Get creative, and the business will benefit.

  1. Why would I need to hire advertising help?

 For many people, the basics of advertising are simple, but for many others, it can be overwhelming and just plain stressful. Sometimes, mistakes can be made, and that can increase the cost. Other times, the maintenance and upkeep involved with advertising can distract from the basic functions of running a business like, you know, making money! This is usually when people look for help in advertising their business. Hiring a professional generally makes the process run smoother, and takes a lot less time than if you did it all yourself. There are tons of benefits, but you always have to weigh the cost.