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Five Unique Ways to Advertise

There are so many awesome ways to increase your brand awareness through unique advertising methods. People underestimate the novelty factor in advertising a lot, but the companies that manage to work this into their campaign see a huge benefit in the form of increased conversions and sales. Even if being creative is not in your wheelhouse, there are plenty of ways to incorporate your regular advertising in a unique setting. Here are the top five ways to promote your brand in a new and exciting way.

1. Dancing Sign Spinners

We’ve all seen the sign holders, the people who stand on the corner with the large sandwich board or the pointed sign, telling you where to find a new home development or the best sub sandwich in town. But the people holding the signs look bored to death right? Have them dance around, and better yet, have a whole crew dancing. Have competition on the same corner? Have a dance off! People will see that, and think “What a fun place/cool business. I should check it out.”


People love free stuff. Get on a cheap printing site, choose a few things that are affordable but also relate to your business (don’t pick water bottles if you’re a law firm), and set up shop at the next convention or street fair in your area. For a few bucks, you can get your brand out there, have people use something with your name on it frequently, and enjoy an increase in business. The more novel your SWAG, the more memorable you are. Try to find something unique to give people, rather than just water bottles, pens, and notebooks.

3. Sponsor an Athlete

runner-888016_640You can sponsor a kid’s school race, or a serious marathon runner, or a disabled vet, or a charity walk. Pick someone that wants to share a message, and you’ll have your name in full view when they get their few seconds in the spotlight. Plus, all the people running behind your athlete can’t help but stare at your logo, right?

4. Go Where the People Are

If there is a festival or fair in town, have people dress up like the crowd, or the theme of the event. Zombie crawl? Have someone in zombie gear handing out your flyers. Carnival? Dress like a (not creepy) clown and hand out SWAG. Hire people to ride by on a bike and throw candy or SWAG into a crowd in a parade. There are plenty of options, just use local events to create opportunities for free (or close to free) advertising.

5. Be Funny

Whether you’re using printed ads, billboards, radio, TV, or the Internet, it’s always important to be funny. If you can make a pun with your services, do so. If you can make people laugh on their commute into work when reading your billboard or hearing your radio ad, you’ve already won half the battle.

Being unique and being effective can be two entirely different things. If you’re really not the creative type, and thinking about advertising in nonconventional ways makes you sweat, you can always hire an advertising agency to help manage your campaign.

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