businessmen-1039900_640We are a brand new advertising agency that started mostly as a joke between friends. The founder and co-founder were helping create advertisements for their neighborhood garage sale one day, and discovered that were almost too good at it. The neighborhood couldn’t fit any more cars, and people had to park and walk the garage sales like a street fair or flea market, and thus our passion for advertising was born. After that, we knew that our traditional corporate jobs with big name firms were only temporary. We both began taking night classes on advertising, marketing, and business administration to boost our portfolios.

Over the past five years, we’ve worked on small projects for local companies, mostly referred to us by friends and family. We’ve managed quite a few projects, ranging from a family-owned plumbing business to a medium-scale boutique. This was managed all while working full-time, helping run our large families, and attending night school in order to qualify for the new frontier we were embarking on.

The founder and co-found have also done larger projects for local law firms and store franchises, and they find that their abilities far exceed client expectations. Because of their unique approach the market- focusing mostly on local businesses that don’t know advertising options from Adam- they have built a steady customer base who continues to approach the company for their recurring advertising needs. After all, advertisement is rarely a once-in-a-blue-moon scenario.

Once they started “getting the ball rolling,” there was no stopping it. The business began to take off, and it grew so big that the founder and co-founder were able to quit their day jobs and actually sleep for the first time in over five years. After that, they began to lose sleep again because they had so much work! Then, of course, they began adding to their team, and hired wonderful people that help with all of their many projects (and also write their About Us page). The clients continue to seek out our services, whether as new customers or returning members looking for an advertisement refresher.

The founder and co-founder are now the “top dogs” at their new ad agency, with a whopping 10 employees to do their bidding. The client numbers are much more impressive, with nearly 500 clients served in the past 5 years. The founder and co-founder pride themselves on their self-start business, and understand how advertising is important to any type of business at any stage of their business building process. They both enjoy a challenge, and their team helps them create the best marketing campaign for each of their clients.

When they’re not working, you find both the founder and co-founder at home with their families, which is where they spend as much time as possible. Being “solopreneurs” together has allowed them a freedom that many people don’t experience in a lifetime, and they are glad they have such an opportunity. Who knew a garage sale could change your life?